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- Pink Sinuata and invokes energies of compassion, gentleness and femininity. Aids in deep meditation. It cleanses all, even crystals. It's helpful with healing, clearing out negative spirits and resetting your space with positivity. Ultimately help you bring you wisedom and clarity. And they smell absolutely delightful as well.

- White Sage has the ability to purify the air by killing bacteria and virusus that float in them due to its antifungal and antimicrobal contents. It can bring forth wisedom and clarity as it increases your spiritual awareness. It carries more of a masculine/Yang aspect and is used to cleanse, purify, ward off eveil sprits and negativity. Sage moves energies out to welcome in good ones. It helps improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety. It is also a great insect repellant.


Pink Sinuata and White Sage

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