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- Rose Petals are used as a reminder of love, helpful during meditation. Helps practice for expending your spherer of love and maintain focus and attention on your heart chakra to attract love. To be a beacon of love.

- Blue Sage is aromatic and has been used to treat repiratory problems, headaches and stress. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimicrobal properties. Has been used in rituals to remove molevolent sprits. Where it differs from white sage is that it also attracts. It is also known to be used for money\abundance rituals and is said to attract wealth by either burning or just carrying it with you as a amulet. It helps create a calm and uplifting space to help open the heart and mind during Yoga and Meditation. It's also a great alternative to white sage for those who wish to pay respects to Native American culture, as White sage is a sacred herb for them. 

Rose Petals and Blue Sage

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